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Young Proffessionals to Watch: Laura McCullagh, photographer.

Photographer Laura McCullagh, CT

Young Cape Tonian professionals are making names for themselves in the arts.

One such dynamic individual is the inspiring and humble photographer,

Laura McCullagh.

Best known for her band photography as seen in Your LMG (local free music magazine and gig guide), Laura is a young lady that exudes passion and professionalism. She is a hardworking, dedicated fan of both live music and photography. If there is a decent gig in town Laura McCullagh will be there. She really does seem to be everywhere, all the time, camera in hand. 

The Laura McCullagh Interview:

DANI:   In a few words, sum up the essence of you

LAURA:  I’m a creative person who loves all things art and music-related…and stuff like cats and flowers too…

DANI:  Where are you from and how did you become involved in Photography?

LAURA: I’m from Cape Town and a creative family – I started hijacking my parents’ digital camera in my early teens and became serious about photography (ie. got my own camera) at around 14.

DANI:  If you had to classify your work in one or two sentences it would be:

LAURA: For the most part, I try to focus on aesthetics and mood first and foremost, so I’d like to be able to describe most of my work as pretty and/or emotionally interesting.

Chris Steampunk

 Laura’s ability to bring emotion through her images is uncanny. She has this extraordinary ability to capture the theatrical qualities in the mundane things of life.

DANI: Which have been your favourite shoots and why?

LAURA: Synergy 2011 was amazing, mainly because I had media accreditation and was allowed to go all over the place. That kind of freedom was incredible!

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Synergy 2011

DANI: What or whom would you love to photograph if you could choose anything or anyone in the world? Why?

LAURA: Iceland – it’s just ridiculously beautiful, all of it. I would love to wander around that country with a camera. Also, the Northern Lights – though I think my heart might explode if I saw them in real life.

Laura is not limited to band photography

DANI: Where can one find your work?

LAURA: On my website and blog (www.lauramccullagh.com/blog/), facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Laura.McCullagh.Art) and often in Your LMG magazine.

DANI: What is the greatest lesson life has taught you thus far?

LAURA: Not everyone can follow their passion full-time but that’s okay, as long as you keep doing what you love and what makes you happy as much as you can…at least, that’s what I try to do.


DANI: If you could work with or for another Photographer, who would it be? And why?

LAURA: I dunno if I’d be able to handle working with/for him (the pressure, aaah), but I’d love to meet someone like Anton Corbijn…his photographic work is iconic, as are the artists he’s worked with, but aside from that he also makes music videos and films. It’s my big dream to be doing that combination too someday…

DANI:  If someone made a movie of your life; Who would play the lead? What would the theme be? Would you watch it?

LAURA: Hahaha honestly, if someone wanted to make a movie of my life I’d find a way to talk them out of it.

DANI: When I die I want the world to remember this:

LAURA: Erm well it has no bearing on my death but in general I think we forget too easily that there is actually beauty all around us, even if it gets obscured by all the bad stuff. I feel a bit like a hypocrite saying that because I’m a total cynic but deep down (and in some cases, deeper than that) I think we’re all optimists and want to be happy. You don’t have to try to always look on the bright side, but it’s good to remember that not everything sucks…making or looking at beautiful things helps with this I think.

Aesthetically and emotionally appealling shots: The Great Apes

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The most metal gift of all; Disappointment.

 Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts 23 January 2011

 It took me a while to get to writing this review simply because I was trying to avoid it.
Being the awsome fan such as I am, it was a hard knock for me watching the Kirstenbosch concert on Jan 23rd. Dan Patlansky, Farrel Purkis & Inge Beckman.
After much hype (and deserved hype because these muso’s own) the late afternoon gig took the form of 3 songs by each accomplished musician and then a massive collaborative jam! It promised to be a stunning entertainer! I was especiallylookig forward to Ms Beckman’s solo material. Antici… …pation!
However, much like celibacy vows of Hank Moody, it was a promise unkept. FML. I was sorely disappointed by the whole thing. No sooner had the door swung shut on Lark’s tight backside than the former frontwoman’s creme de la crem performance turned sour like week old yoghurt thats been lying in the sun! 
The contorted faces of the disturbed crowd were more distracting than her creepy robes and screechy temple-calls. 3 songs were 3 too many. Sadly, very sadly. We all know she’s capable of awesome shit. Dan the man’s grizzly voice and ballzy guitar playing put the rock back in the gig and got the show rolling again. YAY!

A horrific jam. Shame, nobody sounds great after Dan’s rocked out his deep throated sexiness so Inge stuck to her bizarre personal style (which i totally adore actually, creepy big fan) but it unfortunately failed. Epicly.
They should robably have realised though.
As for Mr Purkis… …he’s decent but it wasn’t anything to write home about.
They are all such phenominal musicians I was hoping for so much more.
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